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About mecHsys

mecHsys Automation Technologies Private Limited was established in the year 2008. The company was established with a vision to provide quality customized solutions in the Industrial Automation Sector for Automotive, FMCG and other sectors of the Industry.As the Vision was to provide customized solutions, the company was dependent on Projects as the main source of revenue and had a good share and niche of its own in the sector for almost 5 years. The customized solutions model of business had its own challenges. The ever changing dynamics of the business forced the company to face cost competition from short time players, and suppression from the Big Market Players in the segment. As time fly by, the company started realizing that, to continue and exist in the Business for long, the company should have a product of its own as the source of revenue. With recession setting in during 2014, the company faced many challenges within the organization and from outside. The situation forced the company to think in the lines of having a product of its own and the work began in this regard.The words “Neither the Most Intelligent, nor the Strongest, but the one who adapts to changes will survive” were the mission statement.

With Mission statement set and the Passion to have a product of own, the goal was clear and set. The goal was to do something new, something innovative, and something which is unique in its own way. Having served in the material handling business for 5 years and known for highly innovative solutions, the idea was to build upon this experience. The experience of having served customers with quality customized challenging solutions, usurped the thought of developing an innovative product in the material handling segment. The passion to engineer, passion to research and development, the passion to be unique laid the future course clear without much ambiguity. The goal was to develop a product which is unique in its way, which is incomparable, which gives back to the very environment it is born out of. A green product! A product accessible to all! A product to be adorned! A product to be owned with pride! A product that adds value to the customer in terms of cost, space and maintenance! A product to be relied upon! A product that help grow businesses!

With vast experience and knowledge acquired through customized solutions in the material handling industry, the company started developing a new conveyor system. The struggle was there again. With failures and challenges, the determination gained momentum and perseverance helped achieve the result. The result is a revolutionary product in the Unit Material Handling segment, christened “Move Any WayZ”.

With this determination, the company could develop a global product in a span of three years. Now the company is market ready with the product of its own which is Patent Pending. Adding to this the company got its own new manufacturing facility in a sprawling 2024SqMeters of area in 2017.

“Move Any WayZ” is a Next Generation Conveying System which can move literally any way. The Conveyor system can be laid in Straight Lines, Curves and Spirals with a single belt. The rolling technology used in the conveyor system eases movement in any path with reduced friction. The result is less consumption of energy as compared to conventional systems and hence a Green Product in its own way.

The system is installed at the site and commissioned by the project team. The client is trained to operate and maintain the equipment. They are also trained in trouble shooting of the equipment.

mecHsys provides prompt after sales service support to all its customers irrespective of location .

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