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mecHsys Automation Technologies Private Limited
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Automation for Automotive Industries

Modern Automotive industries are on a fast track using automtion solutions in almost all processes. Vehicle assembly, parts processing, material Handling and finishing are automated to a large extent. Automation solution for an automotive industries include the following:

  • Automated conveyor systems
  • Pick and place and gantries
  • special Purpose Machines
  • Custom built Material Handling Systems

Based on the industry and the process requirement several concepts are developed. Out of these the chosen concepts are tuned according to the business philosophy, working methodology and finally implemented. The implemented solutions are used under observation for a specified period. If any changes required, they are adopted and finally inducted into main stream production.

mecHsys has in it’s credit the experience of working with some of the global leaders in Automotive Industry and proud to be a associated with them in developing and supplying custom built Automation Solutions.

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