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Chain Conveyor

Chain Conveyors are used for moving light, medium and heavy loads. The conveyor moves the load placed on pallets through various stations. Depending upon the process the conveyors are used along with support systems like cross transfer units, lifters and stoppers. mecHsys offers reliable and efficient chain conveyors customized to the client needs.Concept of modular design is used for flexibility in all the conveyors.

Some of the chain conveyor types are:

  • Free Flow
  • Double Plus
  • Flexible Link

Free Flow Conveyor

The concept of free flow conveyor is used in the assembly line with multiple on-line assembly stations and testing stations. The special chains used in this conveyor has rollers on which pallets are carried. The rollers allow the pallet to be stopped at each stations for assembly / testing operations and also in accumulating with out stopping the conveyor. The mechanical or pneumatic stoppers are used to stop the pallets. These conveyors ensure high productivity and preferred solutions in assembly plants.

These conveyors are suitable for auto components, engineering goods, home appliances etc.

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