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Conveyors are the most commonly used cost effective material handling solutions. mecHsys offers wide range of conveyors with innovative engineering and new technologies which are industry specific and suitable for every purpose. Modular design ensures flexibility and customization.

Conveyors are mostly used in assembly plants, process plants, packaging and warehousing etc. Some of the conveyors we design and manufacture fall in the following categories.

  1. Belt Conveyors
  2. Roller Conveyors
  3. Chain Conveyors
  4. Slat Conveyors

Belt Conveyors

Belt conveyors are most popular as they can be used for most of the application areas. They can convey wide variety of regular and irregular shaped products and carry light to medium loads. Flat Belt conveyors, telescopic, curve, belts with cleats and side walls, inclined, L-flow, Z-flow Belt Conveyors are different designs offered by mecHsys.

These are used in food processing, manufacturing, assembly plants, packaging and warehousing.

Our Range of Products

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