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Roller Conveyor

Roller Conveyors are also most commonly used conveyors. They are used for ware housing, glass handling, assembly line etc. They can move wide variety of material of different sizes either directly or placed on pallets. The rollers are driven by chain or belt. The rollers are mounted on sheet metal or aluminium profile tracks.

Different types of roller conveyors are:

  • Idle roller
  • Powered roller
  • Straight
  • Inclined
  • Curved

Curve Conveyor

Curve conveyors are used to change the direction of material movement and connect the flow in different direction. 90º curve conveyors and 180º curve conveyors are available. Curve conveyors are either made of rollers or belt. Taper rollers are used to achieve the curve. In case of curved belt conveyors, specially designed flat belts are used. These conveyors are used along with other conveyors in the layout wherever such change of direction is required. Sleek design of the conveyor helps optimum usage of the space.

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