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Scissor Lift

Scissor lift is specially designed to lift the Material from lower level to upper or visa-versa.

This system has a scissor like mechanism which is used to raise or lower the Material. The scissor mechanism is operated by roller holding plate which is driven by twin ball screws. The twin ball screws are run by gear train driven by a motor.

This mechanism of twin ball screws will reduce the maintenance costs of the Scissor Lift substantially.

The upper and lower positions are sensed by proximity sensors. In addition, two proximity sensors are provided to prevent over travel. The entire system is protected by a bellow cover.

The Control System has a main control panel and an operator panel. The control logic is achieved using a relay logic system. There is an annunciater display.

The scissor-lift is designed based on the lifting capacity and dimensions of the material to be lifted. The top of the scissor lift can be customized to receive the material to be handled such as a conveyor.

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